Sho Sartha

Slender 90lbs Elderly Male with a white goatee, away immaculately groomed, Whirling Blade spinning above head


10th Level Shu Jen of Air AC 26= +6 Dex +4 Deflection Bracers +4 Shield +2 Luck
Str 10 Touch= 26 Flat Footed=26
Dex 20 +2 Gloves=22 +6 Bonus HP D6x10 +30 + 10 (Diamond Heart Token Mage Only +1 HP/Level)
Con 16 +3 Fort +
Int 20 +5 Ref +
Wis 16 +4 Will +
Chr 10


An amazingly annoying, intensely intelligent Spell Caster aka Shu Jen that is known to not be amazingly sharing of the information. He is very quick with a shuriken, clever in combat, and has a heavily enhanced familiar; a miniature whirlwind with a few industrial diamonds and a +2 Kukri spinning within. His familiar has killed more often than most fighters and he is justifiably paranoid/proud of it.

Sho Sartha

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