Radurn (David/Chad's Dad)

David/Chad's Dad, one of the richest men in town, 5th Aristocrat 5th Expert-Geography/Politics


5th Aristocrat 5th Expert AC 16 +1 dex +4 Bracers +1 Dodge feat
str 12 +1 HP 70
dex 12 +1 Fort +
con 14 +2 Ref +
int 14 +2 Will +
wis 17 +3
chr 17 (21) +4 Necklace of Charisma +5 Bonus

Weapon +3 Invisible Ghost Touch Dagger (Perm Invisible; allow wielder to see Invisible as translucent image)

Gear Bracers +4; Necklace of Charisma +4; Ring of Health +20 HP +2 to all saves; Scroll of Teleport X3; Scroll of Sending X5;

Skills Expert in Geography, Weather, Appraise, Nobility


Davids Dad Radurn is not a talkative man. 5’2" Buzz Cut type blonde hair Brown eyes slender and somewhat frail looking, face heavily weathered and now has a salt and pepper beard, partly thanks to Chad.
He was NOT the favored son, but rose to inherit based on a keen understanding and careful study of Geography and Nobility. He tries to always know which way the wind is blowing.

Radurn (David/Chad's Dad)

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